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Peace Ride, Walk, and Rally

Sunday, October 27th 2019

The United In Peace Foundation is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-faith popular movement that is uniting the diverse peoples of Los Angeles County to help bring peace to our inner cities. They have spearheaded this event every month since October of 2012 and it was our honor at Neighborhood Survants to host them in the city of Pasadena.

Over the last seven years, United In Peace has produced over 70 Peace Rides, working with 206 allied gangs and clubs, in 33 different neighborhoods. They have distributed 80,000 resources promoting peace; their campaign has helped to settle 243 gang disputes and has reached 2.4 million people. Resulting in a 40% reduction in crime in the cities they have visited.

The overall goal of the Peace Ride and Rally was to reduce negativity and violence within the community and replace it with positivity, peace, and unity. With over 600 attendees, more than 30 car and motorcycle clubs, and nearly 15 resource agencies on-hand, this event delivered a day of peace, community, and unity to the City of Pasadena. We collectively achieved our goal of honoring victims and their families who lost their lives to violence spanning back 25 years. This celebration of unity bridged the gap between our diverse community, our police department, and our community leaders. Thank you, Pasadena!

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